8 Powerful Strategies To Help You Develop A Positive Growth Mindset This Year

Your mindset is everything when it comes to your success and happiness. That’s right—whatever’s got you down in the dumps recently is probably more of a perspective issue than an actual issue. You can unlock the power to think away your burdens when you develop a positive growth mindset.

Developing a positive growth mindset doesn’t make your issues disappear in a cloud of smoke. Instead, a positive growth mindset helps you read each situation differently so that you can reach solutions with fewer headaches. 

8 Powerful Strategies To Help You Develop A Growth Mindset This Year | Tatiana Belim

What Is A Positive Growth Mindset?

To develop a positive growth mindset, you must first understand that changing your mindset from any other type requires some effort. Many people get stuck in a fixed mindset. With a fixed mindset, you view your strengths and weaknesses as permanent character traits and don’t allow yourself room to change, learn, or expand.

On the other hand, people with a positive growth mindset hold the belief that they can grow and change in any way necessary to achieve their goals. If you have a growth mindset, you value the journey to success and embrace the struggle that comes with tackling new challenges. 

Why Should You Work To Develop A Positive Growth Mindset?

Making the decision to develop a positive growth mindset is just about the most important decision that you can make. In doing so, you blow out the ceiling on your success and allow yourself unlimited room to grow and change. 

When you meet an obstacle with a positive growth mindset, you allow yourself multiple avenues to work around that roadblock—no need for drama or self-doubt. Instead, you’ll move forward with the knowledge that you can do anything you set your mind to.

How To Develop A Positive Growth Mindset

Once you’ve made the decision to tap into your limitless potential, you have to put in some work to develop a positive growth mindset for real. Don’t be overwhelmed! Consider these pointers as you embark on your journey to change your mindset.

Know That It’s 100% Possible To Develop A Positive Growth Mindset

It may be a lot to ask a natural self-doubter to not doubt this, but in order to develop a positive growth mindset, you must realize that it is actually possible to do so. You must calm your mind and visualize a version of yourself that knows no boundaries!

Being kind to yourself might be hard at first. Start small by writing down a growth mindset mantra. Saying that mantra over and over will help to convince yourself that you can change.

Shift The Language You Use

As you develop a positive growth mindset, you will also have to revamp your self-dialogue with uplifting phrases and compliments galore. Block out the negative language that you might be used to. No more “I can’t do this” or “this is impossible!”

All things are possible when you develop a positive growth mindset. Again, pick up a pen and script the words you must practice saying until they happen naturally: “I can do anything.”

Don’t Play The “Blame Game”

Blame is a sneaky virus indeed. One minute you’re chugging along working on your issues, and the next minute you’re thinking that your problems are really all because of Karen. If Karen hadn’t done that, you wouldn’t be struggling, right? 

The answer is NO! You can’t worry about other people. 

You have control over nobody else but yourself, so focus on the tools you have to change what’s bothering you from within.

Follow Your Purpose

Identifying and channeling your purpose can really help you develop a positive growth mindset. Without purpose, there are few other reasons to work on yourself. 

It might be hard to put your finger on a single purpose, so don’t panic. Just take the time to try and use words to explain what drives you:

  • What is your ultimate goal? 
  • Why are you working so hard? 

Your purpose might be to inspire happiness wherever you go or to become a respected role model in your community. Whatever makes you tick is a good thing to keep in mind as you develop a positive growth mindset.

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Become Comfortable With The Idea Of Failure

This is key to developing a positive growth mindset—the very thing that sets apart growth-minded people from limited or fixed-minded people. 

Expect that you will fail. Expect it often. 

Only when you can embrace failure as a learning opportunity can you develop a growth mindset.

Instead of seeing failure as the finish line, recognize it as a temporary hurdle or a chance to start fresh. Take a look at other people’s failures! Even your most successful friends have a long list of times when they completely failed and had to push past a setback.

Prioritize Progress, Not Perfection

Have you ever seen an artist’s painting before it was finished? Have you ever read a book in its beginning phases? 

You simply cannot expect a finished product before it’s due. That means embracing the rough and bumpy road that you are on, knowing that your destination lies ahead somewhere.

It will feel so much better falling asleep at night thinking, “I worked hard today,” instead of thinking, “I haven’t finished yet.” Every moment that you spend focusing on progress is a small win in itself.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Of course, you want to be comfortable. But very few people ever found success in their comfy pajamas and lying on their comfy couch. Similarly, you have to attempt the things that you’re dreading—the things that you’re not good at—in order to get better at them. 

No Olympic athlete ever won gold by running the same training drills over and over again. It takes courage to run beyond the familiar and expose yourself to new challenges. Overcoming discomfort is the very essence of a growth mindset.

Focus On Yourself, Not Other People

It may be tempting to compare yourself to other small business rockstars, but in order to develop a positive growth mindset, you must define success for yourself. In the end, your goals might be similar to others, but they remain your own nonetheless! 

The danger of focusing too much on other people is that it distracts from your own strengths and unique abilities. There is no logic in chasing someone else’s dream when your own might stack up to look even more impressive with the full attention it deserves. Keep your eyes on the prize!

The key to success is to develop a positive growth mindset. As you tackle the challenges of running your small business, give yourself grace and remember that struggle is the spice of life. If you are struggling today, that means you are growing! Just keep up the progress.

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8 Powerful Strategies To Help You Develop A Growth Mindset This Year | Tatiana Belim