7 Tips to Help You Manifest Success and Build Your Dream Career

While every entrepreneur has a different motivation for striking out on their own, most are pursuing a dream. It’s great to be in the driver’s seat of your professional destiny, but it’s also extremely challenging. Keep your eyes on the prize when the going gets tough! However you manifest success, know it’s within your reach.

Manifestation can help you achieve your biggest goals and overcome your greatest obstacles as an entrepreneur. If you don’t know much about it, you’ve come to the right place.

7 Tips to Help You Manifest Success and Build Your Dream Career | Tatiana Belim

What Does It Mean to Manifest Success?

When you manifest success, you envision yourself at the finish line of your goals. You imagine (in as much detail as possible) exactly what it will be like to fulfill your dreams!

Many movies depict a scene where one character visualizes their success, delivering an imaginative acceptance speech in the mirror—often holding a hairbrush or a spoon as a microphone. 

Your manifestation process doesn’t have to be as theatrical, but the concept remains the same. The purpose of rehearsing or imagining yourself victorious is to boost your focus. Thus, if you can see your dreams in your mind, they’re more likely to come true! 

Why Should You Manifest Success? 

There are a few great reasons to manifest success, no matter how silly it feels at first! For starters, it can boost your confidence tenfold over those who can’t “see” themselves actually fulfilling their goals. Simply picturing your dreams as reality makes it easier to silence your more skeptical self.

Visualizing your success is also a great practice tool. It helps you suss out different problems that may arise and preemptively think about how you will handle them. Ever practice negotiating for a business deal in front of the mirror or alone in your car? It helps you know how to phrase things for the best possible outcome. 

Perhaps the greatest perk to manifesting success through visualization is that it’s immediate! It works for any type of goal and can be executed on the spot, with no requirements beyond your presence of mind. 

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How to Manifest Success 

There are tips and tricks to help you make the most of the manifestation process. When you manifest success, keep these seven points in mind.

Use All Your Senses

When you’re trying to visualize your success, tap into all five of your senses. The more vivid your imagination, the more effective your process will be!

For example, if you are preparing to onboard a new client, you might manifest success like this:

  • Picture how things will look. See yourself in professional clothing, the tools you’ll need, and even the expressions on your client’s face as you speak.
  • Imagine how things will sound. Rehearse your talking points and hash out a few potential jokes while you’re alone. Are they actually funny?
  • Taste the freshness of your toothpaste from that morning, the sips of coffee, or even the shmeer of chapstick if it were to work its way off of your lips. 
  • Maybe it’s the smell of heavy cologne or perfume, or your favorite hot beverage in the background. Are there any particular scents that might throw you off? Plan for it!  
  • Predict the feeling of clothes on your skin, your pen in hand, or the touch of your computer keys.

Each of these small details helps to make your visions more realistic. When you ultimately encounter the scenario in real life, you’re sure to be prepared for the curveballs that may come your way! 

And don’t hesitate to write your visualizations out on paper. It helps!

Build a Dream Career Vision Board 

Vision boards work hand-in-hand with the practice of manifestation. Whether your ultimate goal this year is to expand your team or to hit 10% growth in profit over your prior year, collecting images on the subject helps to anchor your vision.

You can build a vision board with traditional craft materials and magazine cutouts or create a digital board using Pinterest or Canva. Include images to illustrate your success. A business person shaking hands, new technical equipment (that you might purchase with an increased budget), or motivational quotes go a long way.

The best part about creating a vision board is that you can visit it every day until your goal is met. 

Picture Each Step of the Process 

Sequencing is extremely important when you manifest success. Many entrepreneurs want to skip to the good part of completing their goals and overlook the process. Realizing each step that needs to be completed is paramount if you want to reach your goal.

Pretend you want to expand your potential client pool by 15% this quarter. There’s a lot to be done! From researching related online groups, to designing your marketing plan, to mapping out the appropriate social media platforms, every milestone is essential to reaching the finish line.

Shift Your Manifestation Mindset 

Let’s take a quick look at two different phrases. 

Think about what’s different between the two:

  1. I want to reach a younger audience with my new marketing campaign.
  2. I believe I can reach a younger audience with my new marketing campaign.

Wanting and believing are separated by lightyears on the mindset spectrum. Everybody wants things, but shifting your headspace to believe that something will happen is when it becomes actually achievable.

Changes to your manifestation mindset have to be intentional! If you’re not already convinced that your big goals will come to fruition, nobody can talk you into it but you. 

Don’t Leave Out Your Obstacles

Of course, manifesting success is a mostly positive practice. But you must acknowledge some of the negative possibilities in order to adequately prepare for them.

For example, if you want to grow your social media management team, it does you no good to assume you’ll find the most dynamic fit for your team right off the bat. Picture what a poor candidate might look like. And if you accidentally hired the wrong person, what would you do to set things right?

One major purpose of visualizing success is to get out in front of catastrophes. After you imagine hiring the wrong team member, you might consider inviting some of your more experienced social media managers to join you in the interview process.

Try a Visualization Trigger

As you manifest success, something as simple as a unique sound, specific food, or token visual can act as a trigger. When you come in contact with your visualization trigger, it instantly reminds you of your goals and inspires you to picture it—again and again.

Some entrepreneurs like to start their workday off with the same song every day. A song like Eye of the Tiger by Survivor is certainly motivational! Others might tie a certain flavor of coffee or a specific meal to their manifestation process. 

If you want to try a visualization trigger for the first time, a small postcard with your exact goals written out might work best. Keep it at your desk and make it part of your routine to manifest success as soon as you sit down to work.

Make it a Daily Practice 

Daily practice is necessary when you manifest success. Make it as routine as brushing your teeth or getting dressed in the morning. You can even link your manifestation routine to those things!

Rest assured, each day your manifestations will become clearer and you’ll be able to realize them in less time. Like anything, your manifestation skills will improve the more you use them.

One advantage to making manifestations a part of your regimen is once you’ve reached a goal, you might feel the urge to fill that vacancy in your day! And so you’ll set a new goal and gradually climb to ultimate success!

Manifest success in order to make your business dreams come true. Even if it feels unnatural at first, manifestation will become like second nature to those who practice it regularly. Call upon this post anytime you set a new goal for yourself or your business. These tips never get old!

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7 Tips to Help You Manifest Success and Build Your Dream Career | Tatiana Belim