How I Simplify My Work Life With The Right Project Management Strategies

As a small business owner, it doesn’t take long before you may find yourself asking, “how do I simplify my work life?” The more success you experience with your business, the more complicated it becomes. You don’t want to sacrifice time with your family and friends just to keep your business moving. Read on to discover how I simplify my work life every single day.

How I Simplify My Work Life With The Right Project Management Strategies | Tatiana Belim

How I Simplify My Work Life On A Daily Basis

So you are wondering how I simplify my work life: running a business while managing my hobbies, managing my home, and loving my family the way they truly deserve. It is a problem many successful entrepreneurs face.

Shortening the amount of time that I spent on work wasn’t easy at first, but I uncovered some truly special strategies so that I never have to go back to my old, chaotic lifestyle. Take a look at some ways that you can say goodbye to complicated work life.

Identify Distractions, Then Schedule Them in

We all have them: things that help us pass the time, but are just a little bit too accessible while we are working. Things like social media, Internet games, or online shopping can steer even the most diligent of workers away from their tasks. 

Don’t say goodbye to those things for good! Instead, set aside time to do them. 

Creating some sort of schedule to loop in the welcomed distractions that you enjoy gives you some sense of control during your workday.

Start The Day Early

Yes, setting the alarm clock earlier was difficult but it was crucial to simplify my work life. But a morning in the office is often calm and focused, so how could I resist?

You can tackle quite a few things before even interacting with another person by heading to work earlier. Feeling productive at work before lunchtime will help you transition away from work earlier, too. Having evenings to yourself is definitely a perk!

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Be Concise When Writing Emails

Get to the point! It is common for business people to trail off when writing an email, adding unnecessary details or focusing too much on word choice, punctuation, or choosing the perfect emoji. Practice saying only what needs to be said so that you can get back on track. 

This sets a precedent for those who respond to you, as well! If you simplify your messages, others will follow suit making communication easier all around.

Automate As Much As Possible

If you are feeling like you are doing the same things over and over again during your workday, it might be because you are. Identify the things that a shortcut or an automated program can accomplish and make it so. 

For example, you can publish answers to frequently asked questions on your website or set up an automated chatbot on your website.

Set Specific Hours

Of course, work never ends and it often feels like you could carry on forever. But don’t. Draw a magical line between work and family at 5:00 PM, or whatever hour suits you best. 

Target your most time-sensitive projects earlier in your working day and taper off with the less complicated stuff in the afternoon so that it is easier to walk away. Remind yourself that all unfinished work will be waiting for you come the next business day.

Clean My Workspace

To simplify my work life, cleaning my workspace was very important. I didn’t realize that the clutter on my desk and the computer screen was so distracting until I took the time to clean up. 

You can streamline your thoughts more easily without scattered objects and old files in your area, threatening to steal your concentration away. Once you are done with something, put it away, throw it away, or delete it.

Time-Block For Your Most Creative Projects

Believe it or not, your entire working day does not have to belong to your biggest projects. Large projects should never swallow you whole by taking endless amounts of your time. 

Blackout a portion of the clock to accomplish longer assignments so that you can also leave time for other important things. Setting boundaries is extremely important to both your sanity and your productivity.

Create A Long To-Do List, Then Create A Priority List

Lists were a key factor when I set out to simplify my work life. Write down everything on your to-do list, then weed out the things that can wait. This helps you prioritize what’s most important!

Writing things down on paper or typing them out tends to take them off of the brain. Instead of thinking and rethinking about everything that needs to be done, you can tackle one thing at a time using your lists.

The decision to simplify my work life was the best one I ever made. By making just a few adjustments throughout your day, you can join me in feeling freer and more in control. A tidier work life means more time and more headspace for other things, like your family, friends, and great adventures!

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How I Simplify My Work Life With The Right Project Management Strategies | Tatiana Belim