How to Increase Your Efficiency by Building Business Processes

Entrepreneurship often means making up the rules as you go. As a business owner, you may be realizing that you’re lacking efficiency in some key areas and want to take a second look at the way you get things done. Rethinking your business processes is an important way to foster growth in your business!

How to Increase Your Efficiency by Building Business Processes | Tatiana Belim

What Are Business Processes?

Everything you do consistently in your business should have a process. And these business processes have the power to totally transform your business. Especially when you’re a bit scattered, you need to develop actual step-by-step methods for all of the recurring elements of your business. 

Some of things you can create business processes for are:

  • Client onboarding
  • Responding to client inquiries
  • Sending invoices
  • Maintaining client records

Even if you don’t currently have a process for all of these types of tasks, they can be created with just a little bit of time and attention. And rest assured, business processes are always worth the effort to nail down.

Why are Business Processes Important? 

Business processes help you make money by streamlining the tasks that you do the most often. They set you up for growth and expansion down the line—you’ll easily be able to delegate when the time comes! Plus, you’ll never have to turn away opportunities due to lack of organization.

The process of setting up business processes (see what I did there?) will make your business run like clockwork. And once your business is running smoothly and with the fewest mistakes possible, you may find yourself with extra time and the freedom to focus on other important things—like planning out your next big marketing campaign.

What Are the Major Business Processes You Need to Implement to Increase Your Efficiency?

The business processes that you focus on will depend on the type of business you are in and your goals as an entrepreneur. Take a look at this list of things to think about as you set up systems and processes.


Think about the quickest, cleanest ways to get from Point A to Point B when setting up your business processes. This often means implementing new technologies and cutting down on unnecessary steps within each component of your business.

Say, for example, that you normally draft your correspondences in Word documents before copying and pasting into emails. Investing in the appropriate proofreading technology or simply using thoughtful templates to write your messages is a better business process because there are far fewer steps involved.

As you build a team, streamlining will help you delegate specific responsibilities to each team member. For example, you can ask Betty to take the photographs and Bill to do the retouching. This kind of structure helps teammates master their pieces of the puzzle and ultimately leads to better results.


Automation can take a HUGE amount of work off your plate. When developing business processes, leverage automation to cut down on human error and save time on many tedious tasks.

Automation can be helpful with many processes, including:

Basically, if a program exists to perform any parts of your business processes, you should use it. Technology works wonders for all kinds of business builders and is almost always worth the time it takes to implement.


While it might be hard to let go of the reins at first, delegation is a key component of designing your business processes. Think of which repeated tasks you are most comfortable assigning to others on your team and do so with confidence. 

Releasing control of simpler tasks leaves you with more time and focus for the more creative, growth-centered parts of your business. 

Trust that you hired some capable teammates, trained them well, and then let them soar!

Data-Based Prioritization

It’s no secret in the business world that data is your friend. But had you considered it as a tool for developing awesome systems? 

Make reading and using data part of your team’s regular routine to help steer their energy towards what’s most important.

For example, even if your team is passionate about your business blog, your social media pages might need more attention at the moment. Use data as a map that tells you where to go and when.

Bonus tip: building data is a business process in itself! Take the time to research data technology that can keep track of your numbers without facilitation. Having a running record to pull from at any time you wish is extremely helpful for all kinds of businesses.

Taking the time now to perfect your business processes will serve you well in the long run! Just think of how many more clients you can help and how much time you will save by prioritizing efficiency. Get started drawing up business processes and training your team today!

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How to Increase Your Efficiency by Building Business Processes | Tatiana Belim