How To Stop Overthinking and Relax On The Weekends As A Business Owner
How-To-Stop-Overthinking-and-Relax-On-The-Weekend- As-A-Business-Owner

Your weekends are so important to helping you be successful. When you aren’t sure how to stop overthinking and relax, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to restore yourself. 

That’s right—to be more productive and achieve your goals during the week, you need to set aside devoted time to rest, relax, and have fun. 

How To Stop Overthinking and Relax On The Weekends As A Business Owner | Tatiana Belim

What Is Overthinking, and Why Do So Many Entrepreneurs Struggle With It?

Overthinking is something that many entrepreneurs and successful individuals struggle with. When you can’t seem to get out of your own head, you constantly cycle through your to-do list, worries, goals, and frustrations. 

Especially when you have a lot on your plate, it’s common to struggle with overthinking on the weekends when you should be relaxing. But when you don’t know how to stop overthinking and relax, you’ll experience lots of issues, including depression and anxiety. You’ll be way less likely to be productive and motivated during the week—and you’ll be on a fast track to burnout. 

When you have a ton to handle, it can feel absolutely impossible to relax. But learning how to stop overthinking and relax is possible! 

With the right strategies on your side, you’ll be able to take charge of your weekends and truly relax. 

How To Stop Overthinking And Relax On Your Weekends

If you’re wondering how to stop overthinking and relax on your weekends, these five tips are the key. Managing your stress starts with prioritizing rest and relaxation…and the weekend is the perfect time to set aside just for those things. 

But trust me—I know it’s hard to balance all of the things you have going on with taking a break over the weekend. These tips will truly set you up for success!

Make A Plan For Next Week

One of the best ways to enjoy your weekend is to know that you’re ready and prepared to start the following week and hit the ground running. 

That’s right! Learning how to stop overthinking and relax on the weekend actually starts on Friday. At the end of your workday on Friday, make a list of everything that was a high priority that went unfinished for this week. Those will be your top priorities for Monday. 

Then, make a plan for next week as a whole: 

  • What are your “big rocks,” the things that really make a difference in your business? 
  • What do you absolutely need to do during the week? 
  • Are there personal things you have to account for? 

Making a plan will help you know that what you need to achieve is possible. But specifying that plan makes even more of a difference! Pick out three focus items to start with on Monday morning. 

Block out your exact Monday schedule, and then even consider setting alarms for those time blocks you’ve predetermined. All of these things will help you close your laptop for the weekend feeling completely prepared for the week ahead. And having a clear plan is the first step in learning how to stop overthinking and relax. 

Unplug From Technology

Now that it’s actually the weekend, let’s think about how to stop overthinking and relax. One of the best ways to prioritize restfulness and avoid work is to unplug from your devices

Try to focus on spending time with your friends and family, doing things you love, and actively practicing self-care. Instead of feeling like you need to always be productive, know that you deserve to rest. Close your laptop and spend time away from your phone and social media. 

You’re going to experience so many amazing benefits when you go tech-free for a few hours (or even the whole weekend).  

Realize That Progress Matters More Than Perfection

A root cause of overthinking is feeling like perfection is the standard. 

But here’s the truth: perfection doesn’t exist. 

Progress is what matters…and every single week that you show up and take action in your business, you’re making that essential progress. 

When you let go of this all-or-nothing mindset, you’re able to relax and focus on yourself. And that’s what lets you return to the hustle and bustle of the week restored and ready to take on any challenge. 

Make A Plan For Something Fun Each Weekend

As human beings, we love anticipation. We thrive when we have something to look forward to and work toward. That’s why a huge part of learning how to stop overthinking and relax is planning something super fun for the weekend. 

Whether that plan is for something big or small is up to you. But you deserve to enjoy your time, and planning fun outings for the weekend is a great way to do that! 

Since you’ll (hopefully) be pretty unplugged from your devices, brainstorm what your ideal weekend would look like. Make a list, and choose one item from that list each week to plan as part of your relaxing weekend. 

Don’t Cut Your Sundays Short

Raise your hand if, by mid-afternoon on Sunday, you’re already feeling stress about all the things you’ll need to do on Monday. 

For many people, Sunday is actually pretty stressful. We start to overthink all that’s on our plates for the upcoming week, and we cut our fun short. But you should soak up every second of relaxation and rest on Sunday to avoid burnout! 

When you take proper weekend breaks, you’ll stop dreading work and feel excited to dive back in each week refreshed. 

Consider planning something fun for Sunday night so that you can’t actually cut your break short. It’s totally okay to enjoy your Sundays and prioritize what brings you joy! 

Learning how to stop overthinking and relax is totally possible. These five tips are the best way to start setting yourself up for success! 

How To Stop Overthinking and Relax On The Weekends As A Business Owner | Tatiana Belim